Providing a platform for women to share their unique comedic voices, we'll show the world how kickass women in comedy are. LaughtHERfest is a yearly event hosted by Bloomers at the University of Pennsylvania. The purpose of LaughtHERfest is to celebrate any and all women — young and old, professional and amateur — who have an interest in comedy. The festival entails a full day of panels, workshops, and activities led by female comedians, and culminates in an evening performance.


LaughtHERfest in the Press:

For more than a year, the idea of a women’s comedy festival had been tumbling around Petro’s mind. Finally this fall, with $9,501 raised by the Kickstarter page, a grant from the Trustees Council of Penn Women, and some no-joke hard work invested by the entire Bloomers troupe, LaughtHERfest became a reality.
— Annenberg School of Communication
Sophomore film and media arts major Ruby Wortis, a member of Temple’s comedy show Temple Smash, attended the event and was inspired by seeing other women in the spotlight. ‘I went home and wrote 15 minutes of stand up,’ Wortis said.
— temple news september 2015
Bloomers’ annual LaughtHERfest show was a crowd-pleasing hit!
— The daily pennsylvanian 2016
In between the comedians, Penn’s own Bloomers performed, as well as comedy groups and stand-up acts from Brown and Columbia. Many of these performers could easily be on Time Out’s top ten list within the next few years.
— The Music Mag 2105

Past Speakers:

LaughtHERfest Speakers:

Each year, the Bloomers LaughtHERfest committee works tirelessly to compiles a bangin' list of speakers for the festival. These speakers range from past Bloomers to CEOs to talent executives (often overlapping!) and are all leading ladies when it comes to women in comedy! These guests participate in workshops, panels, and even preform for LaughtHERfest attendees, which should  make the annual festival #1 on YOUR to-do list.