Bloomers shows are written, directed, and produced collaboratively by the wonderful women in Bloomers. Each show follows a particular theme, such as medieval times and the US Election in "Joust Kidding," and is set to particular music (like the musical lineup from Les Miserables) that is re-written for the show theme.  

Fall show 2018

Bloomers Presents

The Bachelor: Will you Accept this Show?

10/18 8pm

10/19 6:30 & 9PM

10/20 2 & 8PM


LaughtHerfest 2018

Laughtherfest is an all day comedy festival presented by Bloomers with the aim of promoting and celebrating women in comedy. The days is packed with activities including panels, workshops, and stand up comedy performances from notbale women in comedy at night. 

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bloomers Spring show 2018

Two households, both alike in dignity

In fair Verona, where we lay our Spring Show…

In a world where betrothal is all the rage and your parents just won’t leave you alone, Romeo and Juliet find themselves in quite a predicament—they actually don’t want to get married! Romeo would rather sail the world, and Juliet needs to focus on her campaign for gender equity in clothing (#freetheankle). Montague and Capulet forces are scheming any way they can to get these two teens together in the end, but who will prevail? Meet us at our balcony for Bloomers Presents: Shakespeare In Bloom!

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